A story of ten cats and a mouse designing in a historic workshop.

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I've written the book as a way to share with children the history and stories of Annapolis and to inspire them to be entrepreneurs. It's meant to encourage their creativity, confidence, and self-reliance.

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Here is a link to order the Shop Annapolis Cats book, the first in a series, directly from the publisher Blurb.

Hardcover. 59 pages that includes the story with illustrations, the cat and a mouse descriptions with illustrations of each character, artist bio, and examples of artwork.

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The story

What happens when ten cats, and a mouse, discover an eighteenth century workshop in Annapolis and create items to sell to fund historic preservation projects? The story begins when Misha accidentally goes on an adventure and discovers something wonderful underground. Welcome to the world of Shop Annapolis Cats.

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The cats and a mouse

This is the first book in a developing series. In it you will meet:

  1. Misha, the fashion designer.
  2. William, the interior designer.
  3. Cinder, the artist.
  4. Admiral, the storyteller.
  5. Navigator, the inventor mouse.
  6. Mittens, the furniture designer.
  7. Garrett, the writer and poet.
  8. Thistle, the landscape architect.
  9. Cocoa, the baker and chocolatier.
  10. Daphne, the shopkeeper.
  11. Sebastian, the architect and historic preservationist.
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Handmade cats created by the artist Charlie Mazurek

Collect them all.

Shop Cats


Unexpected treasures you can't find anywhere else.

  • Shop Annapolis Cats


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The Shop Annapolis Cats story was written to share the history, architecture and design of Annapolis. It also encourages entrepreneurship and promotes the key skills of creativity, confidence and self reliance.